About Us

Who we are

Hewitt-Shiphandling & Services is a Shipchandler located in Curaçao, that specializes in providing on shore as well as off shore services to any ships, tankers, vessels and cruises in the Dutch Caribbean. Our company focuses on providing optimum ship handling, ship supplies, and ship services to meet our customer’s variety of needs in a fast response time, around the clock, all year long and at the most affordable prices. Our organization delivers what the customer needs, quickly, safely alongside your vessel in port or at anchorage at sea at a very reasonable price.


To be the leader in providing ship handling services within the Southern Caribbean by:
• Being the most passionate ship handling company in the industry by providing the best customers services according to the changing needs of the client.
• Understanding that service excellence at the front line has to start with the concept of service excellence in the culture of the organization.
• Aiming for continuous improvement to guarantee competitiveness within the industry.

Company Mission

Our mission is to maximize customer value through unique best practices and constantly excellence in the services we provide by:

• Providing high quality performance services with value pricing compared to our competitors.

• Establishing successful long term relationships with customers.

• Operating under challenging conditions to guarantee highly satisfied customers.

• To establish a solid foundation and long term business continuity thanks to our excellent value added customer services, state of the art and innovative practices in combination with strategic alliances.


• Keep our promise by doing what we say we will do.
• Always operate with the customer’s best interest in mind.
• Conduct business with integrity.

• Continuous and professional collaboration with customers, colleagues, and external partners.
• Build solid relationships with our customers.


• Exceed customer expectations through specific and personalized care, attention and superior service.
• Be socially responsible.
• Continuously learn and improve everything we do.
• To enjoy and appreciate the work we do.
• All employees and management are committed to provide high quality services to assure high customer satisfaction and business continuity.


• To apply state of the art knowledge and knowhow within business operations.
• To provide high quality and competitive customer service
• To guarantee affordable prices with the use of best practices and innovations.
• To help protect and stimulate the awareness of environment conservation through sustainable supply chain management.

Hewitt Shiphandling & Services